No doubt about it, Mark Levin is a popular political commentator and talk show host. His program is the number one show, on WABC New York, and is syndicated throughout the U.S. He is also a New York Times best-selling author, endorsed by fellow conservative talk show peers as Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.

Always adding a new perspective to current news and events, Mark is a natural when it comes to attracting thousands of radio listeners across the U.S. He is often a substitute guest host on “The Sean Hannity Show,” and has been nicknamed the “The Great One,” by the equally popular Hannity of conservative talk radio.A constitutional lawyer, Levin has also appeared on a variety of media programs, on both radio and TV. The radio celebrity served in the Ronald Reagan White House as an advisor, and was a past recipient of the prestigious Ronald Reagan Award from the American Conservative Union.

For direct response advertisement placement, shows like The Mark Levin Show are fertile ground for effective campaigns. In addition to addressing a conservative audience, Levin is an

Advertise on Mark Levin

Advertise on the Mark Levin Radio Show

accredited lawyer and has been a frequent “go-to” legal expert for many other conservative radio and television personalities.

His opinion carries weight in the cultural sphere of radio and television and his listeners tend to look at him as a voice of reason and professionalism in talk radio. This kind of a persona lends an enormous amount of credibility and trust when it comes to defining the receptivity of an audience.

F. Lee Levin
The Mark Levin Show didn’t come about overnight. Nor did Mr. Levin’s celebrity star rise without the help and influence of several other prominent voices in conservative talk radio.

A successful practicing lawyer and advisor to top politicians in the Regan administration, Levin has a longstanding reputation as a no-nonsense intellectual who is capable of understanding and distilling complex topics. This ability served him well and had him performing regularly as a guest commentator on The Sean Hannity Show and The Rush Limbaugh Show, where Limbaugh referred to him often as “F. Lee Levin”.

What His Credibility Means to You
The credibility of a host like Levin becomes extremely important when thinking in terms of advertising because it reflects on the way that his listeners listen to his program. Listeners to a program like The Mark Levin Show are a spectacular example of foreground listeners, or listeners that are engaged and invested in the program.  It makes sense to Advertise on the Mark Levin Radio Show.

It is this kind of listener that will take to heart the messages that they hear during the broadcast and are statistically more likely to act on these messages. In short, your ads get heard by people who are most likely to become your customers.

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