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1010 WINS and 92.3 FM is without a doubt one of the very best radio stations in America to advertise on. There are many reasons for this.

First of all, 1010 WINS radio is one of the most powerful radio station on the east coast! They broadcast at 50,000 watts, giving you maximum reach throughout the entire region of New York and beyond. If you want to know what is happening in the world you tune to 1010 WINS.

Listeners are affluent, better educated and interested in politics, the economy and sports. Plus, 1010 WINS offers frequent traffic reports that make them a must listen to station for commuters. With well over a million listeners every week, 1010 WINS reaches working adults, captive in their cars, tuned in and eager for information.

When your radio commercial airs on 1010 WINS, you are assured that the message will be heard, because listeners are tuned in for information. Radio commercials become part of the programming and are never lost in long commercial breaks, as they do not air more than two commercials back to back. 1010 WINS is the station New Yorkers turn to when news breaks anywhere in the world, and is backed with the resources of CBS News. WINS uses HD Radio Technology and streams live on the internet. The bottom line with 1010 WINS is that radio advertising works! Run a few radio ads, with the right message/offer, and you should see success very quickly.

1010 WINS Radio Advertising

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