If you’re looking for direct response advertising or direct response TV (DRTV), there’s some vital information you need to know about. The key to a successful direct response ad campaign is buying media at the right price, to the right demographic with the right offer. And most importantly, testing various price points and call-to-actions. The response must be measurable and able to deliver a targeted ROI.

The best way to buy media for TV ads is to go through a 3rd party media buyer. With Berk Marketing, we become you’re in-house media brokerage firm. As a result of large annual advertising expenditures, we have access to some of the best rates in the country. Our media buyers constantly negotiate with local and national media outlets, giving our clients the lowest unit rate possible during your advertising window. Further, in many cases we can provide “remnant ad rates” (last minute un-sold inventory) saving up to 50% or more off “street rates”.

And if you need help with TV scripts and production, Berk Marketing can build your entire TV advertising campaign from the ground up.   For TV and Radio advertising rates call 866-747-4707