Radio Advertising

Cable TV Advertising

Want to advertise on TV at a fraction of the cost? Cable TV may be a good option for you. Over the past 10 years, cable TV has increased significantly as a viable advertising medium.

With a penetration rate of over 61% for wired cable and more than 28% for direct broadcast satellite, your clients and prospects probably have one of these two providers in their own home, which makes it an easy and logical target. The great thing about cable TV advertising is that you advertise in local areas, wide areas or national. With cable TV, you can select zip codes specific to your marketing area. Cable TV allows you to advertise your business in areas that you want to reach, making it a very flexible media.

And cable TV advertising works for direct response clients. If you are looking for phone calls, daytime advertising on cable works very well when you place your ads on the right channels with the right message at the right ad price.

Berk Marketing offers easy and affordable Cable TV Ad placement in any market throughout the country. We place your ads on strong direct response channels like FOX News, CNN, Discovery, Lifetime, ESPN and others. We offer access to the lowest cable TV rates available. And our team will write and produce an effective and affordable TV spot for you.

Berk Marketing Radio & TV creates advertising success stories. Give us a call and we can give you many examples of winning campaigns, some of which you likely have seen on air.  If you’re interested in finding out how to advertise on cable TV  866-747-4707.