Advertisers have plenty of choices for reaching their target audience through FM Radio Stations in Los Angeles. Every kind of music imaginable is represented … from the Top 40 hits on KIIS FM Radio, to the greatest hits of all time on legendary KRTH – K-Earth 101, to the heritage rock station KLOS 95.5. Smooth Jazz is available at 94.7 The Wave and Country can be found at KKGO 105.1 FM. As in most cities, the station at or near the top of the ratings plays “Soft Rock” … in L.A. that station is KOST 103.5.

A unique aspect to the FM Radio spectrum in L.A. is the number of highly rated Spanish language stations… a reflection of the large Hispanic population in the Southland. KLVE “K-Love” 107.5 and KRCD “Recuerdo” 103.9 are just two of several stations playing various types of Mexican music, including Ranchera, Banda, Tejano, Nortena, and others.

In all cases, be they English or Spanish, the top FM stations typically feature heavily personality-oriented programming in the morning drive slot … meaning talk, comedy bits, call-in segments and so on with a few songs sprinkled in … followed by mostly music for the rest of the day and at night.

In Los Angeles, the stronger FM stations have an average of up to 50,000 listeners at any given time. Depending on the kind(s) of people you want to reach with your advertising message, there are usually at least 2-3 stations that will be the most targeted and cost-efficient.

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