Want to reach guys with money with your ad message? Look no further than Sports Marketing … specifically Sports Talk Radio Advertising!

When your commercials are embedded within the passionate conversations that take place on Sports Talk stations, they are definitely heard. The men (and women!) who are listening are really LISTENING … to the ranting, the raving, AND the ads!

Berk Marketing has decades of experience linking advertisers with teams, athletes, and Sports Talk hosts. Send us a note at Results@BerkMarketing.com, or give us a call at 866-747-4707, and let’s talk about which city, sport, or team you are thinking of as a possible partner. We can quickly estimate the cost of a campaign and discuss the options with you. There is no cost or obligation for us to create a customized plan until you decide to give it a try.

One approach is to take advantage of our remnant radio advertising strategy. Most Sports Talk radio stations find themselves with unsold ad slots on any given day. They would rather get something than nothing for that “disappearing” inventory, and that’s where Berk Marketing comes in. Every day we stand ready to scoop up as many of those unsold spots as our clients need, and the stations are willing to sell them to us at about half price!

However, the stations won’t sell these “leftover” remnant spots to just anyone who calls and asks for them. The reason is obvious: they are trying to protect their “rate card” and get the most money they can for each spot. Each station also has a team of sales reps trying to make a living off the commissions from selling those spots at the highest rates they can get. So for access to these discounted Sports Talk radio spots, you do need to “know a guy” … and that guy is us!

Other aspects of a Sports Marketing campaign can include promotional “topspin” like game tickets or use of a skybox, appearances at your store or trade show by radio hosts, players or cheerleaders, or tie-ins with the team where you give discounts to fans when certain things happen during games or over the course of a season. Many of our clients have come to believe that there is no greater customer incentive or client entertainment tool than the bennies that come with sports deals.

You can dial into sports talk radio nationally, regionally, or locally. Local stations including markets like sports talk radio in Los Angeles and New York sports talk radio that are among the highest rated in any city in the country. If you have a national footprint, you can advertise at our low REMNANT rates during the syndicated programs of virtually any sports host you can name.

Also for national advertisers, SiriusXM Satellite Radio offers excellent options, from good old ESPN … with over 4 million listeners per week … to channels like Mad Dog Sports anchored by Chris Russo and Fantasy Sports Radio … to individual channels dedicated to every major sport, from the Big 3 to hockey, soccer, golf, NASCAR, and many more.

It’s no accident that over $16 billion (with a “b”) will go into Sports Marketing of all types this year. From Coke and Pepsi, to Ford and Toyota, to Nike and Under Armour, the big boys know that investing in Sports pays dividends for their businesses both short-term and long-term. Talk to Berk Marketing about how you can get involved!